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Spreading the love for Nigerian cinema & music entertainment!

Spreading the love for Nigerian cinema & music entertainment.

iROKO Partners is the world’s largest distributor of African entertainment. Since launching in December 2010, the company has built a global audience of over 6 million unique users from 178 different countries.

What iROKO Partners does is brutally simple: we buy the online licences of movies and music directly from producers and recording artists and stream them online to a global Diaspora audience. In doing this, iROKO Partners has assembled the world’s largest online library of awesome African content and has made us West Africa’s fastest growing Internet company.

African movies, music and messages by Africans for Africans.

Nollywood is a cultural phenomenon. Something so popular must have a presence online

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Global Reach across our Platforms

Global Reach across our Platforms

iROKO Partners has a massive global reach. On a desktop computer or via a mobile phone, people are registering with us and logging on to watch movies or download music from every corner of the globe. People love our content, they tell their friends and they tell their friends. Our products literally speak for themselves. Growth is the word and the revolution is gathering pace.

193,000,000 minutes of awesome African movies & music are consumed every month across all of our platforms

iROKO Partners is accessed in 178 countries around the world

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